About Hanns Summer

As a new hotel brand within Glorystone Inc., Hanns Summer follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Hanns House in Xinyi District, offering guests a chance to relax and enjoy summertime. With a focus on healthy living and welcoming pets, our goal is to build a space that combines design, entertainment, sharing and lodging in the hope that we can help you co-create memorable experiences on your trips.

Owing to the hotel’s proximity to the main dormitory of the Taiwan Railway Station in the past, the entire floor plan is based around vintage railroad components, evoking memories of the city and its visitors. With platform lights acting as room numbers, each floor corridor embodies a train cabin loaded with memories, showcasing famous trains like as the Chu-Kuang Express, Tze-Chiang Limited Express and Ordinary Train. With graphics inspired by train windows, seats and handrails, we bring the spirit of trains into the space, which is characterized by classic train cabin colors like blue, gray and dark green, accented with bright yellow.